Ferret Cages

 Maybe you were not aware that ferret cages use to come in different shapes and sizes.  They have also different prices according to their size. You can also do one by your own, instead of buying it.

One of the most important things for ferret cages is the space requirement for each one of them.

Try to buy an easy to clean cage. The metallic ones are the best option on this area. Plastic ones use to get scratches and are really hard to clean. Those made of wood are typically easier to clean if you apply some varnish to them to prevent fluids from being absorbed by the wood itself.


This is going to depend on your money and available space to place it. Multiple levels will save your floor space,  if you live in a small house or apartment. This help ferrets to use their muscles to climb and jump from a level to another, which could be benefit for them.

The minimum size of those cages is 3ft wide x 2ft deep x 2ft high. Your ferrets need a lot of time for playing outside their cages. If you have more than 2 ferrets, going up is a perfect option to take. M

Those cages supplies ferrets with enough room to divide it up in areas like sleep, eat and poop.

The bigger ones have ramps to go from one level to another. Some people recommend prefers wire ramps instead of smooth ones. In any case, they should be harmed on the wire. We prefer the solid ramps which could act like a slide for your ferrets.

If you decide to buy a multilevel cage you need to ensure that all of your ferrets could access all levels. Older ferrets could have some problems by trying to climb up to the top level, so you need to be sure they have all things they need on the lowest level of the cage.

The size of your cage is related to the amount of ferrets you have. In any case, we recommend the multiple level ones, because they give a lot of space for your ferrets for being healthy. Movement will give them a feeling of freedom, and they will also have a lot of activity, which will keep them safe.

You will be able to search for different ferret cages through Amazon. You could go and look for the multiple level cage that you want. They are really easy to find and also come with some add ones, which male them even greater. These cages come in a lot of different types, so you should consider your available space before opting for any model. This is really important, so you can adapt ferrets to your own house, without making the experience into something really uncomfortable for them. Let us know if you have any questions regarding this topic. We will be pleased to help you in anything you need regarding this matter.

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