Ferrets have the habit of getting into everything.

They chew everything and often tend to go in places where there are gaps. They often hide under places like beds, sofas, cushions etc. The often chew wires and other harmful materials that come in their way hence people who are planning to buy ferrets should supervise them whenever they are out of their cage.

Ferrets needs exercise a lot.

Owners should not keep them in their cage all the time as that way they will eat a lot and will become obese. Obese ferrets can hardly run or function normally.

Ferrets needs company.

It can be either a human friend or they might need a pair of ferret to socialize with. It’s always a better option to get a pair of ferrets so that they can give company to one another. However, even in that case careful monitoring of the ferrets is required and is of utmost importance.

Make sure your a ferret is legal to own.

Owners before buying ferrets should check whether owning ferrets is legal in the law of the country where they live. There are some places in the world where keeping a ferret is illegal.

Ferrets should be vaccinated.

Just like dogs baby ferrets should also get vaccinated at three different levels because the kind of virus they carry along is dangerous for animals as well as for humans. Ferrets should be vaccinated for rabies as well.

Ferrets have a musky smell

Many people get the scent glands removed before they buy the ferrets. So if you are sensitive to musky smells you should ensure that the scent glands of the ferrets are removed or else it will create a problem for you.

Ferrets are carnivore.

Hence they are not able to digest food made out of plant material. They are meat eaters and meat lovers. The salmonella bacteria can easily affect them, which are found in raw meat hence many people suggest that they should not be given raw meat to eat. Moreover, avoid giving them any kinds of snacks, which includes chocolates, chips, biscuits etc.

Ferrets just like cats shed a lot of hair.

They can even eat the hair they shed, which can lead to life threatening scenarios. Hence, the owners should brush their hair regularly so that all the hair that can be shed in one day is gone and the ferrets do not digest it. However, in cases where they shed excessive amount of hair, the owners should consider giving them hairball laxatives.

Annual Checkups for ferrets

This is very essential as they are prone to different kinds of diseases and illnesses. Regular checkups can point out diseases and infections on time and hence it can be treated on time. Ferrets should be vaccinated annually and should have blood tests as well in order to determine their health condition.

Grooming of the ferrets is essential

Ferrets grooming your ferret so that they don’t catch any other form of infection which can be life threatening. The list of grooming includes, clipping nails, cleaning ears, brushing teeth and ensuring flea prevention.

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